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At Sunset Heating & Cooling we specialize in Heating ventilation, Air Conditioning, and HVAC repairs in Laguna Woods. We repair and install Furnaces, Condensing units, Evaporator coils, and Air Conditioning units. At Sunset Heating & Cooling we also provide air conditioning maintenance services to keep your air conditioning system running as they should. Our technicians are professionally trained and equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to repair, Install, and service any Air Conditioner and Heater for your Laguna Woods home.

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Laguna Woods Residential HVAC Systems 

Laguna Woods, CA Heater/Furnace Sales, repairs, and Installation
We offer Laguna Woods incredible deals on residential and commercial heater/furnace sales and installation. Sunset Heating & Cooling offers a range of Energy Star qualified models that provide the best in energy efficient operation for your Laguna Woods home. At Sunset Heating and air conditioner multiple models are available with AFUE ratings over 98, self calibration and duel fuel capacity. Competitive pricing is available on top gas and furnace models from top brands such as Lennox, Payne, Goodman, York, Carrier, Bryant.  
To learn more about Laguna Woods heater sales and installation services, call Sunset Heating & Cooling today. (949) 302-3473
At Sunset Heating & Cooling we provide our air conditioning services throughout Laguna Woods. Sunset Heating & Cooling offers competitive pricing on top quality residential AC units. Energy Star qualified and dual stage models are available that deliver energy efficient and cost effective operation. Learn about the Dave Lennox Signature Collection premier Sun source solar - ready AC units specializing in quiet operation and unbeatable energy efficiency. We repair, install, and offer maintenance to Laguna Woods homes for all major brands, such as Bryant, Carrier, Coleman/Evcon, Day & Night, Honeywell, Rheem, Trane, York, and others.

At Sunset Heating and Cooling we install mini split system that provide a cleaner, more secure HVAC solution versus typical window mounted units. Mini splits are an excellent cooling solution for Laguna Woods homeowners! Our temperate climate provides the optimal conditions for a ductless system, ensuring you get the maximum efficiency and comfort for your Laguna Woods home. Mini split air conditioners and heat pumps provide quiet, efficient heating or Air Conditioning for specific rooms within your home. We can size and install your ductless system in a snap! Ductless mini splits are often installed in:​

  • Garages

  • Home additions

  • Guest houses.  


Interested in installing a ductless mini split system in Laguna Woods? Call Sunset Heating & Cooling at (949) 302-3473

Heating and air conditioning packaged units are available for a range of residential HVAC applications. Sunset Heating and Air Conditioning offers Laguna Woods, Energy Star qualified models and units that offer combined gas/electric operation with variable speed motors and multi-stage operation. Ask about our interior air quality (IAQ) accessory-ready packaged units. If you are looking for packaged heating unit repair services, installation, replacements, or sales in Laguna Woods, Sunset Heating and Air Conditioner is your

go-to company!


Interested in installing a packaged unit in Laguna Woods? Call Sunset Heating & Cooling at (949) 302-3473


For garage heating applications, Sunset Heating and Air Conditioning offers Laguna Woods residents a range of quality and energy efficient heaters capable of providing a comfortable workspace for small and large garages including hard-to-heat areas where dust, dirt, humidity or negative pressure are environmental factors. 


Interested in installing a garage heater in Laguna Woods? Call Sunset Heating & Cooling at (949) 302-3473


Sunset Heating and Air Conditioning offers both programmable and non-programmable thermostats for residential and commercial use that can be used to improve the comfort of Laguna Woods homes and businesses. Systems are available for basic HVAC controls to full-featured and user friendly touch screen or WiFi enabled Thermostats. At Sunset Heating and Air Conditioning we have top quality and energy saving products that are available from Honeywell, Ecobee, Nest, Lennox and more!


Interested in installing a new thermostat in Laguna Woods? Call Sunset Heating & Cooling at (949) 302-3473


At Sunset Heating and Air Conditioning we provide sales and service for new and existing HVAC zoning systems in Laguna Woods. Solutions are available for both small or large residential and commercial zoning applications. Zoning control eliminates hot or cold spots and can also provide increase levels of energy efficiency in your Laguna Woods home. Contact us to learn more about products from Zone First, Honeywell & Lennox. 

Interested in installing a new Zoning system in Laguna Woods? Call Sunset Heating & Cooling at (949) 302-3473


Sunset Heating and Air Conditioning provides Laguna Woods a great selection and competitive pricing for quality HVAC replacement filters including basic, cost-effective models to hi-tech HEPA products from top brands such as: Lennox, American Standard, Honeywell, 3M, Allergy Gold, Pure Aire and Healthy Climate.

Interested in installing new filters in Laguna Woods? Call Sunset Heating & Cooling at (949) 302-3473


At Sunset Heating and Air Conditioning we install Ultraviolet Lamps in HVAC air ducting, germicidal lamps emit intense rays of ultraviolet light to control and eliminate interior airborne pathogens such as: mold, bacteria, yeast and viruses. Sunset Heating and Air Conditioning offers Laguna Woods residents a selection of both light and heavy duty IAQ germicidal ultraviolet lamps for both residential and commercial applications.

Interested in installing a ultraviolet lamp in Laguna Woods? Call Sunset Heating & Cooling at (949) 302-3473

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Are you looking for a reliable air conditioning (AC), heating company in Laguna Woods ?

Living in Laguna Woods, you know how much you rely on your air conditioning, heating and ventilation system. That’s why we developed our unique maintenance process.

Why Is It Important to Maintain My Air Conditioner And Furnace?

If you could see an accident before it happened, wouldn’t you want to prevent it? Well, you can do just that. Proper maintenance can prevent trouble with your system before it becomes serious or even worse an emergency situation.

A routine heating and air conditioning maintenance will help prolong the life of your system. Maintaining your system will insure proper operation, and maintain its cleanliness. Dirt build up can lead to equipment malfunctioning. In addition, cleanliness will provide improved capacity and lower energy costs. Keep in mind, a regular maintenance will support your effort in meeting the manufacturer warranty requirements. 

Sit back, relax and leave the heating and air conditioning maintenance to us.

Maintenance Tips?

  • Dirty filters will cause your equipment heating and air conditioning  work harder than it should. This results in energy waste and even possible internal damage to the unit. Become familiar with the type of filter your system requires. If you have a washable filter that is reusable, make sure it is completely dry before replacing.

  • Periodically, place your thermostat on HEAT and move the temperature setting above room temperature. Listen for any unusual sounds. Contact us if you believe there may be a potential problem.

  • All of the return registers/ grilles should be kept free of obstructions such as furniture, dirt and debris. This will hinder proper air flow.

  • Improving indoor air quality starts with cleaning your humidifier reservoir regularly. Cleanliness of your humidifier will prevent build up of mold and mildew.

  • Unrestricted air flow to the outdoor unit is extremely important. Remove trash leaves, grass and tree trimmings that are in close proximity. Any debris that collect around the unit will cause your unit to work harder than intended, resulting in more energy use and higher utility bills.

  • A heat pump or air conditioner should sit level. If you notice a shifting or settling of the ground in which your unit sits, re-level. Moisture/water must drain properly from the condensing unit.


As part of this comprehensive air conditioning and heating system tune up process, we:

  • Inspect the air handler and coil 

  • Wash the condenser coil

  • Check the drain lines and pan

  • Provide a new air filter

  • Check the electrical connections to make sure none of the wires are burnt or frayed

  • Inspect the voltage and amperage on the motors and air conditioning compressor

  • Check for proper air flow

  • Examine the starting parts

  • Balance and calibrate the thermostat

  • Check the pressures and level of refrigerant

  • We charge by the job, not by the hour.

  • We provide free HVAC  heating and air conditions installation estimates.

  • We don’t try to sell you things you don’t need.

  • We stand behind our work with our service guarantees.

  • Our prices are very reasonable compared to other AC and heating contractors.

  • We offer free second opinions.

We recommend HVAC maintenance be performed every six months to prolong the life of your air conditioning system in Laguna Woods, keep the air that is circulating free from harmful bacteria, prevent electrical fires, and save you money on your electric bills.

If your air conditioning, heating system  is making strange noises or running at a turtle’s pace, or not at all, you need professional Air Conditioning and heating repair…and you need it now!

We sell, install, repair, and maintain all brands and types of commercial heating and cooling systems, including air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and thermostats. We also offer duct replacement and repair services.

Interested in service in Laguna Woods? Call Sunset Heating & Cooling at (949) 302-3473

Whether an Air Conditioning component needs repair or replacement, air ducts need sealing, or even a new air conditioning system, we will determine the source of the problem and provide you with an expert HVAC solution.

Sunset Heating & cooling we treat you and your property with respect, too, by calling before we arrive at your property and by providing an honest upfront free estimate that you approve before any Air Conditioner or heater work is performed.

In Sunset Heating & cooling we service any type of home and light commercial air conditioner and heating system, including all Air Conditioning and heating (including heat pump)  heater equipment makes and models. Our vehicles are fully stocked with HVAC parts for fast and convenient heating and cooling repairs.

We know how to find any air conditioning, heating, ventilation  problem fast and fix it right, the first time!

Talk to an expert

Our office staff will gladly transfer your question to one of our expert technicians. We understand that sometimes you just want to talk before scheduling a service call.

Dial (949)302-3473 now and we’ll be right over!

How do you know when it’s time to replace your air conditioning or heating equipment?

If you’re operating an inefficient cooling and heating system that keeps breaking down, most likely it will happen again. One of the best reasons to upgrade or replace an air conditioner, heat pump, or other heating unit is the considerable additional cost an older system sucks up versus what a new Air Conditioning system requires.

The latest heating and cooling technology can cost as little as half as much to run as an older Heating and air Conditioning system.

Installing a new energy efficient heating air conditioning system in Laguna Woods can save you up to 60% on your energy bills and can actually pay for itself in energy savings within a relatively short time.

To learn more about Laguna Woods heater sales and installation services, call Sunset Air Conditioning and Heating today.

According to the EPA, choosing a professional air conditioning and heating contractor is one of the most important considerations to get the most out of your new air conditioning system. You need experts that know how to properly size, plan and install the new air conditioning system .

In Sunset Heating & cooling we will help you select a cooling and heating system that is right for the dry climate and temperature swings of Laguna Woods. We only offer air conditioning systems that are energy efficient, quiet, reliable, durable and guaranteed.

Our air conditioning systems use environmentally friendly refrigerant gases that do not deplete the ozone layer. Plus, any air conditioning or heating equipment that is replaced is always recycled or disposed of properly. We are doing are part to keep our planet green!

Once we have agreed upon the parameters of your Air Conditioning project, we design and plan it from product selection to installation. We are a factory authorized dealer of leading HVAC manufacturers and provide professional installation of quality Air Conditioning and heating products by factory trained, NATE certified technicians at competitive prices.

Whatever the situation, you can be confident that our technicians in Sunset Heating & cooling have the HVAC experience and skill to get the job done right. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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